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Protecting yourselves legally – Cosplayer AND Photographer copyrights

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Shortly after the giant shi*storm that is my copyright battle with SyFy/NBC, I got loads and loads of emails, messages and even texts/phone calls with questions from people all around the cosplay community.

What are my rights and allowances as a cosplayer shooting with a  photographer in this community?

As a photographer, what are my rights and how can I avoid conflicts with the cosplayers? View full post »

Heroes of Copyright Infringement – The Photographer litigation against SyFy/NBC

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Overlooked?… Misunderstood?


 1: the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same.

The word is best broken down as.. the right to copy your work. The most important set of words in that definition? – “…authorize others to do the same”

That is pretty much what did not happen with the SyFy show “Heroes of Cosplay” with numerous photographers. Yes, that is right – a nationalized television show using images for promotion AND on the weekly episodes without written permission from the authors and copyright owners of the images; The PHOTOGRAPHERS.

Skyrim Cosplay – Aela the Huntress – Shooting with the sun already set

Skyrim Aela Cosplay costume huntress 2


There have been times where I have this amazing thought of shooting sunset shots.. the perfect light for the perfect costume. When the sun is super orange, low enough to light the eyes and add great ranges to skin tones.. All of that which I planned for these shots.. and did not happen.

Instead, the sun is gone.. the sky is getting that dark blue cover.. and it becomes that light in which cameras have difficulty focusing in… Now THAT was this situation.

I refused to accept the fact. I threw down all my lights and played god for a few moments – “SUN DOESNT WANT TO COOPERATE.. I SHALL CREATTEEEE ONE” – and so I did. I lit the background with a full CTO and a 1/2 CTO. I then had a 1/2 CTO gridded onto the lovely Mel from windofthestars (you can find her here: https://www.facebook.com/WindofthestarsCosplay) – for a really lovely “sunset” effect on her right side. I needed to also mix it with a standard strobe color to give it some color balancing and shape..

Skyrim Aela Cosplay costume huntress 1


The results made me a happy camper. It took me quite a bit of maneuvering and changing of angles and light control, but when I took the shot, I got that rush of excitement knowing my time has paid off. Some of my favorite imagery of the year.

So here is a small pointer – don’t have a sunset? MAKE ONE!

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