Ainsley and Erik Engagement Photos – Atlanta

It is a pretty big rarity to have a couple get comfortable in front of a stranger with a big ol’ camera.  I never met Ainsley and Erik before and they contacted me through my website for an engagement photo shoot with me.  I can only imagine the thoughts of some people finding a photographer on the internet and fearing they may be some creeper or “craigslist killer”.  Unless you have had a huge recommendation to the couple (or anyone, really), they are going to be uncomfortable meeting with you.  It is actually an issue for a newer photographer such as myself.  Getting a clients trust is difficult and is my highest priority when it comes to sessions such as these.

... no idea what is going on here.. honestly..

Ainsley and Erik surprised me.  They were super cool and ready to get some pictures.  They looked at my last engagement coverage I did and they wanted to try me out.  They are on the hunt for a wedding photographer and shooting with multiple photographers is really the best way you can test drive them to see if that is the person you want on your wedding day.  Even though we were going to a sketchy-looking area of Atlanta, they actually did show up happy to be there.  Although, they did ask if they should bring their guns.. I honestly did not know how to answer that question =p  They were an incredibly fun couple to work with and quickly got comfortable enough to show their personalities.

After scoping out a few spots, I decided to run with krog tunnel near downtown Decatur.  There is an abundance of great looking graffiti and grungy textures all around.  The rail station was close by along with Marta tracks and storage yards for great backdrops.  This area turned out to be one of my favorite to get shots at and I will indeed visit again!

Monsters hangin' with the crew..





Ahh.. the classic-ness of this is amazing


one of the last pictures I took - ending with a bang!

Congrats to Ainsley and Erik on their engagement!  Was a ton of fun working with ya guys!  Thanks for being awesome!

I hope to hear from you guys this year for your upcoming wedding in 2012!

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  1. Darrell, thank you SO much for not only taking these photos for us but also for being awesome to work with! We had a ton of fun with you and love how everything turned out! :)

  2. [...] Erik and I were happy to oblige and not only did the shots turn out awesome, but the photographer, Darrell Ardita, turned out to be a pretty cool dude! We had a great time and definitely recommend [...]

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  4. Erik says:

    I absolutely LOVE these photos, but I was a little surprised and offended by what you wrote. Krog tunnel is not a sketchy area of town. I live right by there. People ride their bikes and walk their dogs safely into the late hours of the night. Case in point: everyday there is a photog down in the tunnel with thousands of dollars worth of equipment, shooting away! Also, Krog tunnel is not near downtown Decatur at all. It’s in Cabbagetown, near Inman Park. Great photos though.