Depression Recovery – The start of 2014 and projects ahead

Contiq 22HD photography

Getting back in the groove – here I am editing a shoot I did on 1/20/2014 (yesterday!):)


It has been about 3 months since my last update here on my blog – although not completely on purpose, I have been laying low for a while and taking a small break.. and I’ll explain why.

I am pretty sure everyone knows the giant drama that hit with the whole Heroes of Cosplay copyright case and the big blog about here. Unfortunately, it backlashed on me for having the guts to stand up as a photographer. This is the cosplay community we are talking about – “Queens” of it tend to control movements where they deem necessary, and the movement against me was not a pleasant one.

I won’t make this blog completely about HoC right now.. I don’t really want it resurrected, per say – But, writing about what has happened the past 3 months would be difficult without mentioning it.


I’ll do a TLDR for you guys…

Case is opened up with SyFy against copyright infringement, Cosplayer steps in and makes my life hell because she claimed she owned them just as much as we did. She didn’t like that she didn’t own copyright and went ahead and spread rumors around to people that I respect very much – essentially making me look like shit to a lot of people.

After hearing it, I stayed low.

The case settled out of court and it was a big win for photographers in general – awesome, right? Something was added to the settlement.. and it was hate from someone who has a much bigger following than I.

Let me get something straight – NO, I did not do this for the money. I have done this numerous times before.. my money making is elsewhere in photography and I honestly didn’t care much about the money aspect of this case. The fact of the matter is, photographers get stepped on and used/abused in this community too much in regards to copyrights. I took a stand. Unfortunately, a cosplayer wanted to make it a “photographer vs cosplayer” ordeal which hurt like crap.


A winter shoot I did last month as a pick-me-up – in a TANK!


My camera then started to collect dust – for almost 3 months straight. Yeah, I hit a pretty big depression – both artistically and personally. I didn’t go to cons.. I stopped hanging out with friends that cared about me and did close to nothing for months. I almost deleted all of my work in its entirety – felt like all my work sucked so bad to be sitting on a hard drive at all.

Why? Why was I letting some stuck-up control my expressions? I then learned that due to me just staying in and doing nothing, she was winning.. and that doesn’t sound like me at all.

Well, Today is my birthday (1/21/2014) and it helped me realize who my friends are and after lots of encouragement from them, I started to feel a lot better. It is 2014 and I have started to draw out project plans for the next 4 months and it really got me excited. It reminded me of my blog right here. I remember enjoying telling you all about how i created a picture – the breakdown and even the technical aspects.

I am here to revive my blog to once again express my ways of creating cool shit. The thousands of subscribers I gained through the HoC mess are sitting there waiting for more news and more pictures.

I plan to fix that.

Here is to 2014 – Keep an eye here weekly to get project updates and rambling. I even have a VLOG and critique show going live in a few weeks with Beethy from Australia and I am pumped about it!