Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Cosplay – Stalking the Cemetery

demon hunter cosplay cemetery 1

There were about a billion mosquitos i had to photoshop out of the sky...


Over this past few weeks, I have been planning around another awesome shoot with John and Indra AKA FantasyNinja(facebook) as a Demon Hunter from Diablo 3. What better area to do a photoshoot than an actual graveyard? Not just any graveyard – this was the Oakland Cemetery historic area of Atlanta – a HUGE graveyard created in the 1800′s and is now a historic resting place for many famous people of our past.

The towering sculptures and gorgeous mausoleums was an eye opener when it came to choosing a location for this costume – the only pain was to actually get a city permit to do so. Atlanta is pretty famous for being a complete pain in the ass to legally photograph at public sites. The process was pretty simple – I had to fill out dozens of pages and waivers and it had to be approved by some historic keeper of the city. It only took about a week for it all to get processed and surprisingly, it was relatively worry free.


BTS demon hunter cosplay cemetery 3

aaaaand thats my plumbers crack.. isn't it lovely?


It was 96 degrees outside.. in Atlanta humidity.. in the month of July – need I say more?

I was sweating like a bandit – and John and Indra were drenched in their fully clothed costumes. Underneath the armor was some pretty heavy fabrics and there was no way i would be wearing it in that weather.

There really wasn’t “a shot” i was looking for going into this. I normally have an idea or a general picture in my thoughts and try to accomplish it during the shoot. This one, I purposely did not look up other cosplay pictures or artworks and tried to just get inspired by the location only. I won’t lie – I struggled with the weather and weird angles that I thought could work.. but ended up being duds.


BTS demon hunter cosplay cemetery 5

Here is both of them together - natural light for once!


demon hunter cosplay cemetery 3

This ended up being my absolute favorite shot of the day - what do you think?


This shoot was primarily shot with 3 lights – 2 side and 1 very soft fill from the front. I learned a big lesson that day – always bring my strip box egg crate grids!! – I was having so many flare problems, it drove me batshit crazy. Light from my back strips kept hitting my lens and destroyed a lot of pictures. I didn’t think I would need them and only had a few hours at the location so I didn’t put them on – big mistake.

Thanks to the giant flexible hood I had on, I was able to compensate and add a little extra hooding to the sides as i changed positions – sometimes it got in frame.. so I knew it would just take a small crop.


BTS demon hunter cosplay cemetery 6

Small behind the scenes later in the day


This shoot was a TON of fun to do regardless of almost dieing in the heat.. my jaw hit the floor when I got home to see what I got out of it. I felt so miserable outside that I had no idea how they turned out until it initially hit my adobe bridge.

Excited to get outside and try some location shooting for once in the past 4-5 months. I honestly cannot wait till it gets just a little cooler so I can do more:)


demon hunter cosplay cemetery 2

sun finally went down and I grabbed this shot in front of the mausoleum

.."is this the right crypt?.. dangit! check the map again!"


Thanks to the HUGE talent of Indra and John and their amazing armor and props that made this shoot absolutely incredible for me!


more to come…


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  2. Darrell–
    I’m with you on your favorite ‘Diablo’s Creed’ photo–The girl on the cemetery wall. These make me want to go out and buy one. This stuff is too much fun. Is this type of photography what you always wanted to do? Did you start out drawing, then move into photography?

    Dallas Photographer Les Wollam